High-Mix Low-Volume Manufacturing

P1- High-Mix Low-Volume Manufacturing Production

The Challenges for High-Mix Low-Volum Customers

Many electronic contract manufacturers are purely revenue driven, and are mainly interested in high volume customers. High-mix low-volume customers frequently find their schedules are being unpredictably delayed as their EMS vendor shifts committed manufacturing capacity towards high-volume customers.

Many HMLV customers, such as medical device and industrial product OEM customers, are too often being neglected by other EMS providers due to their low volume, therefore it is so hard for them to secure responsive and consistent services with quality at there.

Our Commitment

Managing the manufacturing services for the High-Mix Low-Volume (HMLV) business is very different from high volume manufacturing. It requires a totally different mentality, culture and infrasture. Sparqtron is fully committed in proving highest level of focus and priority to HMLV customers with adequate PM, Engineering, manufacturing and quality resources, so that all your jobs are well taken care with us.

Throughout our continous commitment, we have earned a great reputation for providing the services that other EMS providers simply cannot match. We offer responsive, reliable and predictable service, you will have a peace of mind by being with us. We are committed to always offer you with quality product and timely delivery. You will enjoy the world class manufacturing services with us.

Our Approach to High-Mix Low-Volume Manufacturing

P2- High-Mix Low-Volume Manufacturing Production

At Sparqtron, we believe in building lasting relationships. We strive to win the satisfaction of all our customers, many of whom struggled endlessly to control quality and delivery issues with large electronic manufacturing service (EMS) providers before switching to Sparqtron. We allows you to simply submit your order and forget about it until receuve the goods timely - we pride ourselves in providing unfailing peace of mind.

Many OEM product companies are very creative in new technologies, but lack of adequate resources, knowledge and experience in manufacturing engineering related matters. In case the EMS provider does not do a good job, you will have to use your precious and valuable engineering time and efforts to fix the quality problem caused by your EMS vendor, it will significantly delay your time-to-market schedule and also adding additional cost to your product.  P3- High-Mix Low-Volume Manufacturing Production

The Sparqtron professional team is coming from top tier EMS Company and has more than 25 years of experience in serving world class OEM companies. The Sparqtron team can acts as your virtual manufacturing engineering resource to you, we can assist you from design reviews, material sourcing, PCBA prototyping, new product introduction to volume manufacturing, we can significantly expedite the time-to-market of your new products. We can help you to prevent many costly problem and and reduce the total cost and time for you.

Our Customers' Satisfaction

Customer frequently tell us that our service and products are in no uncertain terms unbeatable. Our 24 hour quick turn service significantly expedites your product development schedule, while you can expect nothing short of timely delivery for your HMLV or medium volume orders. Our engineering DFM/DFT reports help you optimize your designs for manufacturing, and our Customer Focus Team provides you with responsive and personal services.

Our competitive advantage is our commitment and people. They make the difference!

High-Mix Low-Volume Manufacturing is our speciality.
Contact us, you will find the difference.

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