BGA Rework / Reballing Quick-Turn Services

P1-BGA Rework Reballing, PCB repair

PCB Printed Circuit Board Repair Services

Printed circuit board repair and BGA rework/reballing are difficult and challenging services for the inexperienced EMS vendors, they may often damage your most scare and valuable engineering PCB prototype/board thus totally ruin your engineering and New Product Introduction schedule. We are the expert you can trust.

Help Engineers Speed Up Development Schedule

We offer you high quality and reliable 24 hrs. Quick-Turn BGA rework and repair services. Many engineers of the world leading Companies in Bay Area have been using our Quick-Turn BGA rework and reballing services for years. They love us, because we can help them to do very difficult ECOs when they don't have time to respin their PCB.

P2-BGA Rework Reballing, PCB repair

Quick-Turn - BGA Rework/ BGA Reballing Services

Our shortest turnaround-Time for BGA Rework/Reballing Services is within 24 Hrs. In Bay Area, we have well qualified technician with most knowledgeable and extensive expertise, by utilizing various PCB rework techniques, methods and processes in printed circuit board repair and BGA replacementreballing, trace repair and wire additions. Our outstanding rework quality and extremely quick turn-around services have been well appreciated by our customers, especially the top ranking CPU and networking OEM companies.

P-3 BGA Rework Reballing, PCB repair

Type of Services

We can cost effectively and quickly reball a single BGA or at volume. We are also capable of reworking precision complex components such as shown below:

    BGA Rework Services

  • Any type of land grid array package and/or socket, including PBGA, CBGA, CCGA, High I/O FCBGA, IBM Hyper-BGA, m-SMD, LGA, etc.
  • CSP rework
  • Removal and placement

    BGA Reballing Services

  • Eutectic-ball BGA
  • High-temp-ball CBGA
  • Lead-Free-ball BGA.

Quick-Turn PCB Engineering Change Service (ECO,ECN)

We can do engineering changes and modifications in circuit paths on printed circuit boards at BGA sites and other locations. We can save customer the costs for re-spinning and re-building printed circuit boards with our engineering change order service (ECO), saving you both time and money in the most time critical prototype cycle. It helps to catch up with your tight development schedule.

Examples of BGA rework reballing and ECO Service

Adding one wire from under BGA to circuit

P4-BGA Rework Reballing, PCB repair

Adding six wires on PCB

P5-BGA Rework Reballing, PCB repair

This rework save a Team


Repair and Warranty Services

We operate a fully accredited warranty and repair service center. We have a RMA tracking system to tract status of each repair and fix. This provides customers with reassurance that repairs will be dealt with promptly. It significantly customer’s cost for idle inventory and enhance the satisfaction from their end customers.

Many EMS providers take a long time to repair and return the customer returned goods. You don’t have to worry about this when you do business with us.

We have been well appreciated by customer for our skill, quality and speed of the PCB BGA rework and reballing. Try us, your satisfaction is gurranted. We are located in Bay Area, Silicon Valley, California, USA. (Nearby San Jose)

ISO9001-BGA Rework Reballing, PCB repair ISO13485--BGA Rework Reballing, PCB repair FDA--BGA Rework Reballing, PCB repair ITAR--BGA Rework Reballing, PCB repair UL--BGA Rework Reballing, PCB repair IPC--BGA Rework Reballing, PCB repair

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