Free DFX / DFM / DFT
Engineering Support Services

Free DFX / DFM / DFT

To help customer to develop higher quality and lower cost product during the product design phase, we provide highly knowledgeable and experienced engineers for providing value-add engineering DFX support services to customer.
Free DFX service is provided for every PCBA prototype build in Sparqtron.

DFM - Design for Manufacturability Analysis

Thoroughly review of customers design including FAB circuit/trace routing, component positioning and spacing, potential fault reduction and process selection, and provide recommendations to enhance customer’s design, such as circuit design, mechanical design, etc. This service helps to reach the smooth and efficient manufacturing at the early stage of volume production.

DFT - Design for Testability Analysis

A complete review of the circuit design and trace routing to increase test accessibility and device testability so to increase the overall coverage over Flying Probe Test and In-Circuit-Test for achieving the lowest possible risk and best product yield rate in the volume production stage.

DFM/DFT review for Product Design

DFX report will be provided to customer for each new PCBA assembly job with Sparqtron. Our review will cover the following categories:

  • PCB Layout
  • Component Package
  • Assembly Process
  • Test

We will provide design Review Suggestions as blow:

  • Major process or functional problems. Change before next revision.
  • Cost saving suggestion / Process improvement suggestions.
  • Minor concerns.
  • We comply with workmanship Standard IPC-A-610D, Class II

Concurrent Engineering Support Service

We work hand in hand with customer's engineering staff to provide prompt feedback and solutions to improve the design and manufacturing process.

Service offering Summary: Free DFM / DFT/ DFX, Engineering Support Services, Design Review Suggestions

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